Founder Of Soni Dresses

CEO / Founder Raja Aamir Sabir

Raja Aamir Sabir

CEO / Founder

He is founder of Soni Dresses (suits) and started this company since 8 years ago. He took start from Mirpur A.K city about us and started selling clothes in Mirpur A.K city only,later on because of good quality clothes and demands of other cities people he started selling clothes in other cities. In very short period of time he covered the whole Pakistan.

He worked days & nights for success of sonidresses. He is very good team leader & business consultant. He also guide people that is one of the reason people started trusting him and one by one shops owners and marketers started working  about us with Soni Dresses. Now Soni Dresses is not delivering their products only in Pakistan but also in many countries like England, United State of America, Dubai, France, etc because of hard work and leadership of Raja Aamir Sabir.

Thank you for choosing our brand, we hope you enjoy our products and join us on our journey towards a more sustainable and fashionable future.